Legion Branch 459


The Executive members are devoted to running the day to day operations of our Branch.

The following individuals sit on the
2017  Stouffville Legion Branch 459 Executive:

President – Joe Furfaro – office@stouffvillelegion.ca
Immediate Past President – Judy Bond – office@stouffvillelegion.ca
1st Vice President – Jane Barrow  –  barrow-pj@hotmail.com
2nd Vice-President – TBA
Secretary – Cheryl Hogg    cheryllhogg@gmail.com
Treasurer – Mary-Lou Wheeler     wheelerx2@gmail.com
Manager – Valarie Budd     office@stouffvillelegion.ca
Accountant/Finance –  Liz Tracey   Paid Treasurer
BSC /Veterans Services – Rick Drynan  rv4rd@hotmail.com
Bursary – Joe Furfaro –  office@stouffvillelegion.ca
Canteen  –  Ken Johansen
Entertainment  –  Cindy Chirnside  Cindy.Liscombe@hotmail.com
Honors and Awards  –  Jane Barrow  –  barrow-pj@hotmail.com
Ladies Auxiliary Liaison  – Wendy Cribbett – cribbett@sympatico.ca
Legion Seniors  –  Rochelle D’souza   rochellestouffvillelegion@rogers.com
Membership  –  Kelly Lawson     rclstouffville@gmail.com
Public Relations Officer –  Rochelle D’souza rochellestouffvillelegion@rogers.com
Poppy  –  TBA
Resolutions / Bylaws  –  Joe Furfaro –  office@stouffvillelegion.ca
Sgt @ Arms – Cindy-Lou Jardine      cindyrouwho@yahoo.ca
Membership –  Kelly Lawson     rclstouffville@gmail.com
Sports – Jane Barrow   barrow-pj@hotmail.com
Track and Field  – TBA
Training and Development  –  Joe Furfaro   office@stouffvillelegion.ca
Manager – Valerie Budd – office@stouffvillelegion.ca
Ways and Means – Cindy Chirnside  Cindy.Liscombe@hotmail.com
Youth Education – Joe Furfaro   office@stouffvillelegion.ca
Sick and Visiting – Valarie Budd     office@stouffvillelegion.ca

Comrades if you move or change your phone number, please contact
Rochelle D’souza at rochellestouffvillelegion@rogers.com.  Thanks!

If you would like to get our emails and updates please send an email to rochellestouffvillelegion@rogers.com to be added to our mailing list.

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